Dear Colleagues,

   It is a great pleasure to invite you to US-Japan and Euro-Japan Joint Conference on Composite Materials which will be held from 22 to 24 July 2020 in Sendai, Japan.
   We aim to provide a stimulating and informative forum for discussion and collaboration through an exciting program of plenary lectures, oral and poster presentations.
   This conference seeks to bring together leading composites science and technology researchers and academics from US, Euro, and Japan to share the latest developments, trends, research and future outlook in this field.
   We look forward to welcoming you to Sendai.
Sincerely yours,

 Tomonaga Okabe (Tohoku University) Conference Chair

 Jun Koyanagi (Tokyo University of Science) Program Chair

 Plenary Lectures

   Under construction

 Conference Fee

Academics     \50,000 or $500

Students       \25,000 or $250

Spouse         \10,000 or $100


  HP is opened. You can register through the HP. 

 About the Conference 

     This is the first attempt to have
   joint conference between US-Japan
   Conference on Composite Materials
   and Euro-Japan conference on
   Composite Materials; both of them
   are distinguished conferences
   which have been running for a
   quarter-century. In order to
   strengthen the partnership between
   US, Euro, and Japan in composite
   material fields, we aim to hold
   a deep, intimate, and meaningful

Contact Us


 Technical Matter

  Professor Jun Koyanagi
  Tel: +81-35786-1411
  Email: koyanagi_@_rs.tus.ac.jp
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 conference secretariat

  Email: murata_saori@#rs.tus.ac.jp
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